Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Touch of Magic

My Performer Jocelyn recently hosted a Tinker Belle party in St. Helena. It was a party for one of my close friend's six year old daughter. Another friend of mine, was also at the party with her five year old grandaughter, Erin. Erin had found a pair of gold children's shoes in their garden the very next morning, and having never seen them before, was convinced that Tink had left them there for her. I was told that she could speak of nothing else for days. This led my friend to write some short notes to her grandaughter on Tink's behalf. Shortly afterwards, she rang me up and asked if I would coordinate a special visit by Tink from Neverland. I happily accepted her request.

In the words of my friend, "Terri, as I mentioned on the phone to you, the joy in Erin's eyes when she saw Tink was priceless. I wish that you could have been there. It's all that she has been talking about. This morning she went to the window three times, just to see if Tink was there. And when she was without fever this morning, she told me it's because Tink is watching over her." "Your Performer truly inhibits the Tinker Belle spirit in a beautiful and loving way."
Well done, Jocelyn!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bringing Fairytale to Life

Running two entertainment companies can be a little chaotic at times, but I truly love what I do because I am constantly creating and bringing fairytale into the lives of children and their families. Through Just Imagine I get to plan and host fabulous theme parties, whereas with The Cinderella Company, I get to create and develop characters for each of my Performers to bring to life. Since these two companies overlap each other, I have the good fortune to work with my Performers on a regular basis which I absolutely love because I get to see and experience first hand the impact they have on our clients and their children. This past week I had the opportunity to work with Brittany. She is one of my main Performers that has been with me since the launch of the CC last August. She never ceases to amaze me. Whether she is Ariel, Belle or Snow White, she just dazzles audiences both young and old whenever she performs. Here she is playing Belle for me for an event that I hosted down in Atherton.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flag Protocol

I learned something new yesterday about Flag Protocol. DH mentioned to me last night that we needed to take our porch flag down because it isn't proper flag protocol to fly a US flag at night. Hmm. I didn't know this, so I decided to look this up to see what else I didn't know.

In the United States as in many other nations, there are a series of rules governing the display and disposal of the national flag. These rules are referred to as “flag protocol." Although violation of flag protocol does not have legal repercussions, it is hoped that flag protocol will encourage respectful handling of the flag. More than simply a piece of fabric, a national flag represents the nation as a whole, and is an important symbol of national identity. The following flag protocol applies to the display of the American flag within the United States. In general, the rules of flag protocol are very simple and easy to follow. In most cases, respectful handling of the flag includes common sense measures. Here are just a few rules.

According to American flag protocol, an American flag must never be permitted to touch the ground. If the flag inadvertently touches the ground, it should be gently washed with soap and water.

When displayed outdoors, if the flag is in the middle of a street , it should be suspended with the union, or field of stars, facing either north or east, depending on the alignment of the street.

Flag protocol also dictates that flags should not be flown at night unless properly illuminated, and that when the flag is flown at half staff it should first be fully raised and then lowered to half staff.

The American flag should not be written on or otherwise defaced, and should not be allowed to become tattered or dirty. For this reason, many companies make all weather flags which are designed to withstand poor weather conditions. If a flag will be flown outdoors and exposed to sunlight and rain, an all weather flag should be purchased.

If a flag becomes damaged, it should be disposed of properly. According to flag protocol, the proper method of disposal for an American flag is respectful burning. A number of public service organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elks, and Boy Scouts are happy to assist with the proper disposal of flags.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inexpensive Favors

For your next Princess or Knight themed party, why not offer an attractive felt tiara or colorful crown as a favor? These tiaras and crowns sell like hotcakes. They are reasonably priced at $6.00 and are really cute. All are made of felt and have elastic bands to fit different sizes. The Princess tiara is made of padded felt and has the the word princess embroided on front with sequined flowers and dotted tulle. These have been so popular, that I am now offering a 5 point Queen's crown which is hot pink and slip-stitched with flowers on front. The boys crown is also very attractive with it's light and dark blue colors that is offset with a yellow star and band.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Table Linens

When it comes to dressing a table, good looking linen is a must for me. From French jacquard linen to polyester blends that are wash and go, there's a look and price for every occasion. I use things that will add an elegance to a party or family event. One of my favorite Linen Rental Companies is La Tovola Linen. Located in Napa, they have locations in San Francisco and Beverly Hills. They offer a rich collection of fabric that is elegant, whimsical, traditional or unusal.