Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Superbowl Princess Party

When I took a party booking the other day for February 7th, I had no idea that it was Superbowl Sunday because I am not a football fan. It wasn't until my Partner Jennifer mentioned it to me, that the lightbulb went off. My client is requesting a group visit from four of my beautiful princesses to entertain a small group of children while the game is taking place. I have to smile because I think it is a great idea. Hard core football fans can watch their game while their young children are enchanted by a fairytale visit! How great is that? As of late, I find myself getting many of these type of different requests. People are not just opting for one performer, but multiple characters for something other than a birthday party.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun for all Ages!

Sorry that I haven't been around much lately, but with the new year business has just exploded so I've been a tad bit preoccupied. As of late, I have been receiving numerous requests for a Peter Pan character, so I have decided to add a Tink and Peter duo to my list of characters. With Nicole being my main faerie, she has taken over the lead as Tinkerbell for me, while my performer Maaika plays Peter. The two them work so wonderfully together, that I cannot help but share some of their great reviews!

"All of my expectations were blown out of the water for my daughter's third birthday party. Tinkerbell and Peter were wonderful! They kept the kids thoroughly entertained. Even my 80 year old grandfather enjoyed the show... He said that it was the best party that he had ever been to. Nicole (Tink) and Maaika (Peter) put on a show that my daughter and friends will remember forever."

M. Couch, Livermore

"I was at my great grandaughter's birthday party and the people that played Tinkerbell and Peter Pan enthralled the children and adults with their magic and violin playing! Kudos to them!!! They were great! I will definitely remember you in the future."

Charles Beer

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Christell!

Christell is one of the newest additions to my Cinderella Company and Just Imagine family. I introduced her in December to several of my former clients as Tiana, for the Disney release of Princess and the Frog. Christell comes from a strong vocal and theatrical background. Her primary roles will be that of Tiana, Cinderella, Pink Princess, Irridessa, and Mermaid. Welcome, Christell!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome Andrea

I kicked the new year off with a couple of magical parties this weekend. Today I had the opportunity to work with one of my new Cinderella Company Princesses, Andrea. Andrea has a strong vocal, theatrical and dance background. She portrayed Ariel for me and did an amazing job all around. I am always so moved to see how both adults and children respond to my performers. It just felt so wonderful to see 13 five year olds hang on her every word as she shared her mermaid story and to see them ask and answer questions. Afterwards, one little guest asked if she could come home and play with her. Andrea's primary roles will be that of Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel.