Thursday, October 28, 2010

Newly Designed Disney Store, SF

While visiting NYC this past summer, I was very upset to see that Disney's 5th ave location had closed down and was being relocated to some other part of the city. Not to mention their Union Square location had also closed a while back. Well today I am very excited to announce that the SF location is now reopened at a different location: 39 Stockton Street (right where the 3 story Sanrio building use to be in the 90's). Please check out the Business Wire article when you can. Go Disney!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Julius Kahn Park

Yesterday four of my performers were requested to attend a large event at Julius Kahn Park in the Presidio for an annual Halloween event organized by the Golden Gate Mother's Club. On hand were Sleeping Beauty (Nicole), Belle (Lacey), Jasmine (Frances) and Anakin (Jason). I ended up attending the event to ensure that my performers had everything needed since this was going to be held outdoors and it was scheduled to rain. Thank goodness the rain held off! The day was wonderful and as usual they impressed the heck out of me.

El Passo Penny

This past year I probably introduced about 30 or so new characters through The Cinderella Company, and I keep saying that I won't add anymore. Then one of my regular clients call and before you know it, I've gone ahead and developed a new costume and character. Such is the case with El Passo Penny. In the past I have received calls about a cowgirl/cowboy character and have always passed on it, but when of my past clients called recently, I just could not pass up on the opportunity. So before you know it, I was consumed with everything cowgirl. My performer Jena was chosen for the role and she totally impressed the heck out of me listening to her speak in her southern twang telling the children about her tale of home life on the range and of course listening to her sing "Blue Shadow Trails". She even brought in Cowboy Kevin to accompany on guitar during the song. This gal has some set of pipes.

True Blood/Twighlight

I am huge True Blood fan, but that show is not exactly for kids so this might be a slash Twighlight character for the youngins. Jessica is featured and I thought these came out great.
My photographer Sam Aslanian worked his magic yet again in shooting these. I was a little disappointed with the fangs though. I think next year I am going to have to go to an actual dentist and invest in having my performer fitted with a retainer that they use in Hollywood.