Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Very Kind Words

I woke up to find a quick note from one of my clients this morning.

"Terri, it's late and I've been going non-stop, as I'm sure have you. But I gotta tell you Terri...
the party was absolutely maginificent...

I knew it would be good...I didn't know it would be great! You transported all of us--children & grown-ups into a magical world we all dream about. You made it come true. It's really stunning how you create experiences that we can float in. I've been lost in that experience, relishing every memory, since the party.

I have video too, which you can put on the website. Much love and admiration for your genius."

R. Bell; St. Helena

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sorry that I have not shared much lately, but October is an insanely busy party month for me.I have a huge weekend ahead of me and the rest of my month is completely filled. However, I want to share a review that came in this morning about my faerie Nicole.

"My daughter really wanted Tinkerbell to come to her party, and that is exactly what she got! I really enjoyed how flexible Nicole was with the needs of the children. She adapted her planned activities to fit what the kids wanted at the time. She really helped make our daughter's party an experience that she and the rest of the guests will always remember."

"We had so many comments throughout the party from our guests asking questions about Tinkerbell. Everyone thought she was great, and was surprised by the quality of her appearance. We were told by a guest that we "set the bar for birthday parties" and we know that has a lot to do with the help of Nicole. Thank you so much!"

Christina McTiernan

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Madhatter Tea Party

Back in August I had the opportunity to host one of our Madhatter Tea Parties for a client in Sonoma. The day was perfect and the setting quite picturesque. Sweet Alice was on hand to paint faces, sing, and storytell, while the Madhatter entertained the kids with a zany game of flamingo croquet, musical chairs, and just pure silliness. The Queen of Hearts also made a special appearance! Diane Askew, a local Sonoma Wedding Photographer, was hired by the client to photograph the day. Here are some of her photos. The rest of the pictures can be seen
on the site.

One of Madhatter's calmer moments

Yes, she's wearing an apron!

"Drink me" bottles

Alice and the birthday girl!

Mismatched tea cups, flower topiaries, and red, white and black colors made up the table